Welcome to Light Shine Brightly

Welcome to Light Shine Brightly blog! We represent a light. Sometimes, our light can be dim where we faintly glow like a fading candle. Other times, our light can radiate like the sun. Whether we are barely shining or shining brightly, I hope to inspire and encourage you to shine brightly.

About Me:

Hi, I’m Angie. I’m on a journey of personal growth and outreach in my neighborhood. I hope to encourage and inspire you to shine brightly in your daily life and community

Life is a journey, not a destination. I always imagined that my life would be a straight path that my plans would happen exactly the way I envisioned it to be, but that was not the case for me. Instead of my idealistic straight path, I would describe my life as a thrilling yet scary roller coaster. As I ride this roller coaster, I have learned to embrace and accept whatever come along the journey, both the good and bad.

I am on an adventure of a lifetime. Come join me!    

About the Blog:

One day, I came across the headline in the news that read “Anti-Trump Protests Turn Violent.” My heart sank as I learned that angry people were lashing out and destroying the city through this protest. I thought to myself, “Can we do this peacefully without violence?”

After that happened, I was on a journey to find something positive and encouraging to read about, but mostly everything I read was about conflict and turmoil. That’s when I decided that I’m going to start a blog and be a positive voice. I might not be a powerful person, but I am a storyteller and I can use my voice to create positive change. Hopefully, my stories are uplifting and can spark something good in others like yourself.

Goal of Blog: 







Like I mentioned before, my goal is to encourage and inspire you to shine brightly, so that you can reach your own potential and community. I hope to do this in the two areas of personal growth and outreach. I have given each of these areas a personal name relating to light, which are Reach for the Stars and Shine Brightly.

I believe we are able to do this first in finding the light in ourselves. As our light is shining brightly in ourselves, we can radiate that light to our family and friends. Then, we can illuminate in our community.

Reach for the Stars:

This section focuses on personal growth. I will share about the ways I have been growing in my lifetime. Growth doesn’t happen without any effort. Whenever we want to accomplish a goal, we can reach for it by trying our best. Stars represent the many areas in our lives that we want to grow in. When we reach for the stars, we radiate our light.

Shine Brightly: 

This section focuses on outreach to your friends, family, and community. I will share about how I’m  making a positive impact in my neighborhood. Hopefully, it’ll encourage you to shine brightly towards your loved ones and in your own communities.


  1. I like the thought-picture of “Reaching for the Stars” being about personal growth. I think it fits perfectly with what your blog is about. Great job! I’m looking forward to reading more.